4th Grade » Meet our 4th grade team!

Meet our 4th grade team!

Our 4th grade team is so excited to introduce you to Cartwright and begin the upcoming school year! We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment for your student to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. This year in math, your student will learn to multiply multi-digit numbers, perform long division, work with fractions and begin concepts integral to higher level algebra and geometry. In science, students will learn more about our world, starting the year investigating ecosystems. They will also deepen their knowledge of the solar system and earth’s system. This year in science, they will also explore new concepts such as energy transfer, motion, states of matter and sound waves.
Beverly Elmores1. How many years of experience do you have teaching or in the school system? I have been in education for nine years. I worked as an educator assistant and as a lead behavior educator assistant in Murfreesboro City Schools the first several years. I conducted my student teaching at Cascade Elementary under Mrs. Karen Jackson and began teaching fourth grade at Eakin Elementary in 2022.
2. What made you want to become a teacher or work in a school? When I began working at Hobgood in Murfreesboro City Schools, I had a very large support network, but none so much as Dr. Tammy Garrett. She saw something I didn’t see in myself, and I found I enjoyed working with the students. She encouraged me repeatedly to go back to school to get my teaching license, and finally I did. She is my mentor and has been going on nine years, and without her support and encouragement, I would not be here.
3. About what are you most excited for working at Cartwright? I am most excited about meeting new people and having so many new people to learn from and different perspectives to see and hear; I am excited to grow with others.
4. Is there anything extra you would like to share? I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with concentrations in Abnormal Child Development and Behavior Modification, and double minors in Biology and Neuro-Psychology. I took these paths because I felt that understanding the normal functions of the brain, on both a psychological and biological level, would better help me understand the abnormal functions of the brain. My reasoning here is to ensure that I understand my students on any and all levels possible; this allows me to better teach and connect with ALL of my students.