5th Grade » Meet our fifth grade team!

Meet our fifth grade team!

ELA (English Language Arts) 

In 5th grade, your student will learn how to interact with various literary sources to become proficient readers and writersThey will experience both fiction and non-fiction texts in diverse genres to improve their reading, comprehension, thinking, vocabulary, speaking and writing skills. Because frequent reading is the only way to improve a student's fluency and comprehension skills, your student will be expected to read both inside and outside the classroom.  Students will receive instruction for improving their writing craft by learning to demonstrate a command of English grammar using specific writing strategies and different and more sophisticated vocabulary and punctuation. 


In 5th grade, your student will learn how to manipulate numbers by continuing to build upon their skills from previous years. They will experience a more in-depth use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as they learn to work with whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Students will also learn why math works instead of just getting the correct answer as they work with several ways to utilize different math logic. Students will experience number lines, line graphs, multistep equations and word problems as they progress through the year. 

Social Studies 

In 5th grade during quarters 1 to 3, your student will learn about American History from Industrialization (post-Civil War) to the Civil Rights Movement. At the end of the year in the 4th quarter, they will also learn about Tennessee history specifically covering Native American tribes, the effect of early settlement, Civil War specific to Tennessee and the government of Tennessee. Students will use differing texts including our county-adopted resource Studies Weekly and supplemental resources to be pulled by their teacher throughout the year. Within Social Studies, they will learn to integrate and improve their reading skills to understand specific non-fiction topics. 


In 5th grade, your student will gain an in-depth understanding of major science disciplines. The disciplines that will be experienced are Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science and ETS (Engineering, Technology and Applications of Science). Through texts and hands-on experiences, they will learn to integrate their knowledge of reading and math as they grow in their comprehension of scientific topics. 

Lori Bishop1. How many years of experience do you have teaching or in the school system? I have been teaching for 13 years in Bedford County. I have 13 years of experience teaching 5th-grade math and science. I strive to make learning fun, engaging and accessible to all my students. I believe in student-centered learning and looking for new and exciting ways to present the curriculum.  

2. What made you want to become a teacher or work in a school? I became a teacher to make a difference in children's and their family's lives. I love seeing them see possibilities and make their dreams a reality. For some children, a teacher is the only one who believes in them, loves them and cares about them. For others, a teacher is another adult on the team who helps them grow into world-changers. My students become my children, and I love seeing them grow academically and socially.  

3. About what are you most excited for working at Cartwright? I am excited to start my new adventure at Cartwright Elementary. I look forward to meeting my students and their families. I am preparing a classroom full of amazing possibilities. My goal is for my students to learn, grow and become more confident and independent learners. I commit myself that great things will happen this year at Cartwright Elementary.   

4. Is there anything extra you would like to share? I am married and have two adult children. My family and I love spending time together. We spend lots of time watching sports, especially Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee basketball and football games. My lifelong desire to teach led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Education from MTSU, where I graduated in 2011. 

Jimmy Yates1. How many years of experience do you have teaching or in the school system? This will be my 14th year teaching, and I have taught all these years in Bedford County at Community Elementary School in 5th grade. 

2. What made you want to become a teacher or work in a school? I have always admired teachers and the work they do, especially those that make a positive impression on the lives of young people. For years I have worked with kids at church, so I decided to make that my professionWorking with kids, leading them and instructing them is very fulfilling to me. It is not always easy, but in the end, it is extremely enjoyable and rewarding. 

3. About what are you most excited for working at Cartwright? I am excited to start a new adventure at a brand-new school! I am also excited to meet new families from different parts of our county. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know others. I am very much a people person and a talker! 

4. Is there anything extra you would like to share? I will always strive to keep the kids in mind when I am teaching and running my classroom. “What is best for kids” has always been my way of thinking throughout my time at Community Elementary, and I intend on bringing that philosophy with me to Cartwright Elementary. I will also strive to be as open and communicative with my parents as possible. My goal is to have an “open door” policy for my classroom when it comes to having discussions with parents if they have concerns about their student’s education. I believe the only way to be with students and parents is to be honest and keep those lines of communication open as much as possible. 

Tristea Bankston1. How many years of experience do you have teaching or in the school system? I have three years of teaching experience in Bedford County.
2. What made you want to become a teacher or work in a school? Teachers can positively impact students' lives, fostering their intellectual, social and emotional development. Each person has a purpose and calling in their life. God has placed this time in my life to be a teacher in helping others find their passion throughout the worldIt takes a village of support for our students to prosper. Additionally, teaching offers the chance to be creative, to continuously learn and adapt and to contribute to shaping the future generation. It is a profession that can be incredibly rewarding for those who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people. The students who are placed in my classroom establish a family with connections, learning and helping each other succeed. Teaching goes beyond the textbooks; it provides life lessons and memories we take with us on their journey. My goal is to provide a ripple impact for the excitement of students to share with others.
3. What are you most excited about working at Cartwright? Working at Cartwright is an exciting opportunity for several reasons. First, the school's reputation for fostering a vibrant learning environment is truly inspiring. I am eager to collaborate with colleagues who are equally passionate about education and committed to student success. Additionally, Cartwright's diverse student body offers a rich value of backgrounds and perspectives, creating a dynamic classroom atmosphere ready for exploration and growth. I look forward to engaging with students, sparking their curiosity and guiding them on their educational journey. I am excited to be part of a community dedicated to empowering young minds and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.
4. Is there anything extra you would like to share? My family and I have been residents of Bedford County for  seven years. My husband, Jeremy Bankston, teaches US History to Juniors at Cascade High School. Our daughter will be entering her sophomore year soon at Cascade High. We cherish our family time, which often involves trips, outdoor hikes and watching inspirational movies together. Our furry companions include a German Shepherd named Persais and a Persian cat named Huckleberry. We are nestled on 13 acres within town limits, and we delight in the wildlife that frequents our yard. We strongly believe in the inherent purpose of each individual. God serves as our cornerstone, providing support during both joyful and challenging times. We aspire to share the blessings and impact we receive from our faith with others.